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An exciting line-up of speakers

Colin Shaw

Pioneer in CX, Beyond Philosophy LLC


We are proud to have as our keynote presenter Mr. Colin Shaw, a well respected and followed expert on customer experience. In the The Future of Product Development -seminar, you will be hearing Colin Shaw's top learnings from his many best-selling books and from informative and entertaining podcast The Intuitive Customer.

Shaw is a co-author of  The Intuitive Customer and an inuernational pioneer on customer experience. He is one of the top 150 influencers in LinkedIn, and has been quoted and referrred to in many other publications. In addittion, Colin is a seasoned speaker with real life examples that are easy to relate to. 

In the past 20 years Shaw has published five best-selling books, e.g. The DNA of Customer Experience.  He shares his wide experiences gained while working in reputable companies and in his own, Beyond Philosophy.

Colin's objective is to help organizations understand how to become customer-centric and enhance customer experience. As a speaker, his style is entertaining, interactive and he solves customer experience problems in a practical manner.

Colin Shaw - hexagon

Alistair Gilbert

Vice President, Product Development, Basware

Alistair comes from a development and architecture background. He is passionately fixated on the ways in which high quality software can be delivered quickly into the customer hands. His interest sits right at the nexus point where people, process and tools intersect.

Communication patterns as well as organisational structures and processes shape the architecture of the product and vice versa. As the SaaS model has evolved, the recognised scope of the system has expanded to something significantly larger than what it used to be. As a result the implications of Conway’s law are significantly more profound than what they used to be.

This requires us to take certain organisational, process and cultural changes into account in order to deliver effective services to our customers. 

Alistair's speech is about Conway’s Law in overdrive – How the effects of Conway’s Law go into overdrive when operating as a True Cloud Services Company.

Alistair Gilbert

Ville Hemmilä

Regional Director, Fellowmind

Ville opens up bravely his personal experiences on what can - and did - go wrong when a project house starts product development. The learning lessons are familiar to many but only the skilled ones can make the costly errors worthwhile. Ville's pleasant and honest presentation is an eye-opener, or soul-opener, for both unicorns and dinosaurs of product development.

Ville Hemmilä

Ilmari Kontulainen

Product Manager, Hoxhunt

Ilmari Kontulainen has over 15 years of experience from software industry, startups and entrepreneurship in various roles ranging from software developer to CEO. Currently working as a product manager in the fastest growing SaaS company in Finland according to Deloitte, Ilmari gives an brief introduction to the North Star Framework and shares his learnings, using it for product strategy work with two teams.

Ilmari Kontulainen

Kirsti Laasio

CXO, Partner, Board member, Advisor

Kirsti Laasio is a Customer Experience Management executive with extensive international experience in building customer-centric brands, leading cross-functional teams, managing SaaS business and product portfolios for both B2B and B2C data and tech companies. Kirsti has a proven track record in leading companies to successful growth. Additionally she is a published author and a partner in several growth companies.

Kirsti Laasio

Jukka Parkkinen

SVP, Digital Service Delivery Capabilities, OP Financial Group

Jukka is the primus motor on the OP transformation to Enterprise Agile with skilled people, who develop and coach the agile way of working and thinking. Adapting the tools, the development environments and the development processes to support the Agile methodology are key issues to succeed.

Jukka Parkkinen

Matias Pietilä

CPO, Mobile Strategy & UX Design Veteran, Newil & Bau

Matias Pietilä (M.Sc.) is a usability expert who has been working in the industry for 15 years. He started recently as the chief product officer (CPO) at  Newil&Bau, a growth company that seeks to renew the construction industry by creating compelling living experiences for modern, urban dwellers. Matias was the head of the design unit at Qvik, a digital agency with strong roots in mobile services. During his time at Qvik, he was involved in more than 100 projects and together with his team created awarded services that delight several million end-users.

Improving the collaboration between developers, designers and business stakeholders has always been an important topic for Matias. Succeeding in this boils down to proper product leadership. In this talk, Matias will share some of the lessons he has learned along the way and give some practical tips about how their work is currently organised at Newil&Bau.

Matias Pietilä

Tommi Raivisto

Chief Technology Architect, KONE

Tommi is a creative, people-oriented leader in technology business. He holds a strong track record in creating digital strategies and products in B2B and B2C.  To add to Tommi's many talents, he aspires of being a musician and a writer.

Tommi leads KONE technology architecture aligned with KONE strategy, offering roadmap and technology trends. 

Tommi Raivisto

Jari Saarenpää

Thought Leader @ Servant Leadership | Keynote Speaker | Non-Fiction Writer @ Intrinsic Motivation, Social Emotions and Ikigai | Pro-Bono Mentor

Jari has over 20 years of leadership and management experience in multi-cultural middle-management. Jari's present interest is the large social transformation in which we live. Special attention should be paid to a leader’s own self. One of the key themes is how we take into account feelings. 
In the workshop, you'll walk through five social emotions or senses: psychological security, being valued, belonging, having influence, fairness. Frontline leaders need to create an operating culture that takes social emotions into account in everyday life. Are you the one who makes the difference?
This workshop is in Finnish.
Jari Saarenpää (2)

Timo Tulisalmi

CTO and Chief Architect, Vertex Systems

Timo’s passion is to help the individuals and teams to build their and company capabilities for the future success.

Setting a bold course, advising people and staying out-of-the way is challenging and rewarding job.
In the past 20 years he worked on various roles in software companies from developer and product manager to CTO.

Timo Tulisalmi

Rauha Tulkki-Wilke

Product and Service Executive and Consultant

Rauha Tulkki-Wilke is a product and service executive recognised as one of the strategic leaders in the life sciences technology space. Rauha is on a mission to drive patient centricity in development of new medicines. She works as a consultant to big pharma to pave the way for digital health technologies. Prior to this, she was the executive Head of Product at CRF Health, a Finnish life sciences technology unicorn, scaling its technology platform and clinical services to a leading market position and company valuation.

It used to take years to develop new medications and vaccines, but the Life Sciences industry was able to introduce them for Covid-19 in a matter of months. A dramatic paradigm shift was triggered in Life Sciences disrupting the status quo. The technologies needed to enable the change are now becoming main stream with unseen opportunities for value creation. Welcome to learn, what product strategies have the most successful companies taken to ride the wave.

Rauha Tulkki-Wilke

Janne Vuorenmaa

VP, Products and Services Development, Veikkaus Oy

Janne has been working in research, development and digital services for over 20 years, and is responsible for product and service development at Veikkaus. He is a fan of agile, customer- and data driven ways of working, striving to implement them on a corporate scale in a fast-changing environment.

Janne Vuorenmaa

Henri Hämäläinen

Agile & Product Organization Coach, Eficode

Henri looks for ways how you can become more productive, effective, and innovative.  He has experience on driving organizations to become more efficient and better places to work, including improving organizational structures, processes, tools and working methods. Finding the most suitable processes and working environment for each organization is close to Henri's heart.

Henri Hämäläinen hexagon

Antti Suvanto

Lead Consultant on Product Management, Eficode

Antti is an experienced product management professional, eager to share his expertise in areas such as product strategy, innovation, product creation, lifecycle management, and managing portfolios. He can view these areas from different perspectives, thanks to his background also in team leadership, sales, and business development.

In his presentation, Antti presents how product strategy benefits product organizations' internal and externals stakeholders including Customers, Agile development teams and Sales. After this session, you understand, why product strategy is more important than ever.

Antti Suvanto hexagon

Annika Valtari

UX & Accessibility Lead, Eficode

Annika Valtari is highly experienced in UX and accessibility. During the past 14 years, she has studied the UX of hundreds of digital services, concepted new ones, and trained professionals especially in accessibility.

Annika will talk about the significance of web accessibility to different types of users and to organizations providing digital services. As a case example, Annika will present a continuous accessibility consultation project for the City of Turku.

Annika Valtari